Data Capture

Maintenance Plan
Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Is the PF maintenance program optional?  Yes
  2.  What service will PF continue to provide and what service will DCS provide?
    1. PF will continue to provide software support and cellular service.
    2. DCS will provide hardware support (which is anything related to the performance of the HHC or printer).  Additionally, DCS has cables, cradles and other accessories for your HHC and printer available for purchase at discounted pricing.
  3. How do we determine if it is a hardware or software issue and will PF fix a software problem?  PF is 100% responsible for the HHC software and they will fix it. If you have trouble determining what the problem is you can call DCS and they will help you determine which type of problem you are having. DCS Technical Support can be reached at 888.684.0807. Ralph for your HHC, and Mark for your printer.
  4. How many platinum memberships will you need if you have multiple routes?  Just One platinum membership is all you need to receive $145.00/HHC & Printer setup.
  5. How can I be sure I will receive the same level of service? DCS has been doing this for all sorts of organizations, huge fleets, and DSD operations for about 30 years. They have a high level of expertise and their responsiveness during the pilot study the POAA did with DCS, and also since then from those who have formally signed-up, has far exceeded all expectations. 
  6. Does DCS offer printer paper?  Yes, but you should still be able to obtain paper via your HHC under supplies or call direct at 877.427.3676
  7.  What other equipment is covered?  Dex Cables and Batteries.
  8. How quickly can I get a new unit?  The next business day if called in by 2 pm Eastern Stand Time.  We have a no-charge shipping policy on Ground transportation to you. However, if you want it the next day, you will be charged the difference between Ground and Next Day transportation. 
  9. How many PF ID’s are currently using DCS?  In the DCS/POAA pilot program there were 3 dozen. Since volume, noise and interest has been built leading up to the webinar announcement on May 2nd DCS has added at least another 3 dozen. So DCS is close to 75 paid participants and we are all anticipating that quite a few more will be joining.
  10. How much will DCS charge for a new device?
    Handhelds are $500.00 and comes with a new battery.
    Printers are $300.00 and comes with a new battery.
    PF charges $1,165.00 for a new handheld and $461.50 for a ne
    w printer. That’s a savings of $826!