Data Capture Solutions

DCS FAQs Home >> Resources >> DCS FAQs POAA PARTNERS WITH DATA CAPTURE SOLUTIONS Maintenance Program Details Hardware support program   Phone support for equipment 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Online support through portal Same day shipping if call placed by 2pm Cost $145 per year for a handheld/printer configuration for POAA Platinum Members https://teampoaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/DataCaptureSolutions_PF_V5.mp4 Click

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Data Capture Solutions Partnership

DCS Partnership Home >> Resources >> DCS Partnership POAA PARTNERS WITH DATA CAPTURE SOLUTIONS Data Capture Solutions offers everything from Refurbished Handheld, Printers,, Accessories, Maintenance Programs, and PPE Equipment. https://teampoaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/DataCaptureSolutions_PF_V5.mp4#t=2 REFURBISHED CN70 – $500 SURGICAL MASK – click for more information  Click here for more information on the Maintenance Program Maintenance Program FAQ from Webinar

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DCS FAQs Home >> Resources >> DCS FAQs Maintenance Plan Frequently Asked Questions  Is the PF maintenance program optional?  Yes  What service will PF continue to provide and what service will DCS provide? PF will continue to provide software support and cellular service. DCS will provide hardware support (which is anything related to the performance

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Class Action

Class Action

Class Action Home >> Resources >> Class Action Class Action Lawsuit Explained This site is for informational purposes only Below are additional facts not covered in the Court Notice Class Counsel has a $5,500,000.00+ financial interest in court approval  This page consist of several videos to assist you with your decision to Do Nothing, Object,

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